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November 20


The opening ceremony of the DAIRAFEST festival 2017 took place in the hall of the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera RAS). Solemn speeches were supplemented by live music, dancing of whirling dervishes, verses of poets of the silver age and a festive reception with dishes of oriental cuisine. Sufi music was performed by the singer Nawal (Comoros) and Samhey (St. Petersburg).


This evening the Museum opened its new thematic exhibition dedicated to the Sufi dervishes "The world is only a ray from the face of a friend, everything else is its shadow! Dervishes: image and word. "


It presents several dozen photos made in Persia over a hundred years ago by Anton Vasilievich Sevryugin.


"We have about 600 photographs of this master," said the deputy director of the Kunstkamera, doctor of historical sciences, the famous Islamic scholar E.A. Rezvan at the opening of the exhibition. "We chose only 3-4 dozen of them, but many of these photographs are real masterpieces."


The visual series of the exhibition were supplemented by poetic texts of I. Bunin, N. Gumilev, S. Gorodetsky, V. Tardov, M. Sinelnikov. Many Russian poets at different times were inspired by the image of a wise dervish.


The technology of augmented reality literally stepped into the Kunstkamera: by launching the application and pointing the camera on the photo of the dervishes in the Round Hall of the museum you can now see a virtual dervish that begins to perform "whirling".



Instructions about the application: mov | mp4

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